Catapult TX4L

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4ch transmitter, balanced i/o, line-level transformers, uses shielded cat-5

The Catapult TX4L and RX4L are four-channel line level splitters and isolators that allow you to split four audio channels and transmit them over a single standard cat5 shielded twisted pair cable. This allows you to split line level signals between three different destinations, either on stage or using a buildings existing Cat 5 or Cat 6 cabling to route the signal. Each unit features line level isolation transformers which help to eliminate buzz and hum caused by ground loops, saving hours of troubleshooting. The TX4L has four XLR-F inputs and four isolated XLR-M outputs, while the RX4L has four direct XLR-M outputs and four isolated XLR-M outputs. Both units feature RJ45 type Ethercon connections with ground lift switches.

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Hersteller Radial
Produktname Catapult TX4L
Preis (Stück) CHF 325.00
Serie Catapult
Neuheit Nein
Frequenzgang [-10dB] 7Hz - 20kHz
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