sE-X1S Vocal Pack

sE Electronics

The latest iteration of sE’s modern classic, the X1, plus sE’s high-performance Isolation Pack.
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The X1 S is a refined version of sE’s classic X1 condenser, tuned and improved in every way. With a hand-crafted and individually-tuned 1" capsule and the highest dynamic range and SPL handling capabilities in its class, the X1 S has the sound and features you'd expect from a serious high-end studio mic, at only a fraction of the cost. The Vocal Pack also includes sE’s high-performance Isolation Pack for added rumble and ‘plosive control.

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Hersteller sE Electronics
Gewicht Nein
Masse (BxHxT) Nein
Frequenzgang [-10dB] Nein
SPL Nein
Link zum Hersteller Nein
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