Modell 1520 
Mastering Compressor, 
Variable-Bias Röhren-Kompressor, 
Parallelschaltung zweier verschiedener Röhren, 

CHF 5'690.00 CHF 5'283.19

The SPL IRON ("Model 1520") is a Mastering Compressor designed by SPL designer Wolfgang Neumann, featuring a tube architecture and Vari-Mu-operational principle, built atop SPL's now-famous 120 Volt Rail technology found in their best offerings. Six rectifier settings for the detector circuit are available, as well as four distinct filters present in the side-chain signal path. Tube Bias settings (Low, Mid, High) are available per each channel. As if these features aren't enough, they are joined by features such as "AirBass" and "Tape roll-off" as additional tibre-shaping tools. The controls for Attack, Release, Ratio, Input and Output are designed as a rotary switch, as it is typical for effect units to be used in mastering.

One unique feature to IRON is the "Audition" function which allows you, once engaged, to set a time interval at which IRON will engage the bypass relays so you can have a truly objective perspective on how IRON is compressing and coloring the audio. No more moving around to patch in and pull the patch cables - or doing anything other than simply listening. Well done, Wolfgang.

IRON is a wonderful and complex sounding compressor which can provide a multitude of approaches to applying finishing touches individual tracks, subgroups, or full mixes to cement the work. And as the name should imply, there is quite a bit of heft and weight that IRON can apply to your sound.

We here at Front End Audio invite you to pump some IRON!

SPL IRON Mastering Compressor Features

  • Valve/Tube Design
  • Vari-Mu Operation Principle
  • 120 Volt Rail technology - Maximum Headroom
  • Switchable Detector Circuit Rectifier Types/Values:
    • Germanium (1mF, 2mF)
    • LED (3.3 mF)
    • Silicon (330 nF)
    • Germanium (220 nF)
    • Germanium /Silicon (100 nF)
  • VU Meter Control (GR, VU, VU+10)
  • Tube Bias (Low, Mid, High)
  • "AirBass" and "Tape roll-off" tibre-shaping
  • "Audition" feature - adjustable time-interval Engage/Bypass - accurate perspective
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