PMC/SPL Hear more tour

PMC/SPL Hear more tour

Wir freuen uns euch zu einem weiteren "TOP" MGM Audio Event einzuladen. 

In Zusammenarbeit mit PMC, SPL und Waves, geben wir Ihnen die Möglichkeit die Top Mastering Tools, wie das neue PMC Flaggschiff MB3-XBD-A
Mastering Monitor-System, natürich den den SPL Iron Mastering Compressor und PQ Mastering Equalizer sowie die neuste Soundgrid DSP Technologie
von Waves anszutesten.

Ein "muss" für jeden Profi.

06.06.2017 Dienstag

at PowerPlay Studios, Maur

  • 09:45 Welcome Coffee
  • 10:00 PMC
               Chris Allen
  • 12:30 Mittagessen
  • 13:30 SPL
               Hermann Gier
  • 15:00 WAVES
               Jessi Brustolin
  • 16.30 Q+A

Meet world leaders in professional audio to hear the latest and greatest loudspeakers, mastering processors and hardware and DSP software. 

PMC              Chris Allen

We will be bringing our flagship MB3 XBD-A main monitor system featuring the latest, cutting edge Class-D amplification and
uniqueAdvanced Transmission Line design. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear great music and audio throughout the
day played through some of finest professional loudspeakers available and hear for themselves why leading artists, producers
and studios worldwide regard PMC as simply the best monitors available.


SPL                 Hermann Gier

German visionary manufacturer SPL, whose product line-up includes iconic processors such as Vitalizer, Transient Designer
and state-of-the-art mastering devices based on its acclaimed 120V rail op-amp designs, will demonstrate its IRON Mastering
Compressor and PQ Mastering Equalizer.  There will also be a sneak peek into the future of SPL’s mastering and recording


WAVES           Jessi Brustolin

Waves complete the line-up with its latest suite of plugins and Soundgrid hardware for both studio and live applications. 

Für weitere Auskünfte und Informationen stehen wir Euch gerne jederzeit zur Verfügung.

Telefon:    +41 44 439 90 80

Euer MGM Team

Join us at Powerplay Studios with PMC,  SPL and Waves Audio for a day hosted by MGM Audio AG, Switzerland's premier pro audio outlet.