DN9650 Network Bridge

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The DN9650 network bridge allows the AES50 interfaces to connect to third party multi-channel digital audio networks.

There are many different multichannel digital audio protocols available today. Some are well established and have been in common use for several years, others have appeared recently, and all are vying for recognition and market share. Interfacing different protocols can be difficult and expensive, often requiring the use of inflexible, proprietary hardware. Connecting different audio networks together, which often have differing sample rates and clock domains can be a difficult and expensive process. The DN9650 Network Bridge allows all MIDAS digital consoles and MIDAS digital I/O hardware, KLARK TEKNIK DN9696 High Resolution Audio Recorders and many other AES50 devices to connect to many different multichannel digital audio networks simply and reliably.

Currently available interfaces:

  • Audinate Dante
  • Cirrus Logic CobraNet
  • Digigram EtherSound
  • MADI (AES10)
The DN9650 Network Bridge supports network modules designed and manufactured by Cirrus Logic, Inc., Lab X Technologies, LLC, and Audinate Pty Ltd.

Clock Synchronisation

The DN9650 clock synchronisation scheme is divided into two domains, with the AES50 domain and third party network domain separated by the Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter (ASRC). AES50 Domain Clock Options:-
  • AES50 External Clock
  • Onboard Oscillator (AES50 Internal Clock
  • Word Clock Input
  • Video Black Burst Input
Network Domain Clock Options:-
  • External Network Clock
  • External Network Clock with Word Clock In Synchronisation
  • Onboard Oscillator (AES50 Internal Clock
  • Network Module Onboard Clock
  • AES50 Clock Source
  • Word Clock Input
  • Video Black Burst Input

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